Incredible MOM builds Incredible Tiny Home ! This will SERIOUSLY inspire you!

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You will want to see how this Incredible MOM builds Incredible Tiny Home! This will SERIOUSLY inspire you! At age 29, Kelly Lewis became the single mother of three young children. After she and her husband had got a divorce, Kelly was in a really bad place emotionally and financially and dealing with severe depression. Her depression was so bad in fact that she almost checked herself into a hospital for help. With her future life looking somewhat bleak, she decided to get back to the land and to change her, and her children's lives completely. Kelly was inspired by the tiny house movement. She bought a piece of lake front property and built a tiny home design with the help of her children. Everything she needed to learn to build the tiny home design she picked up by watching Youtube videos and researching on the internet. The tiny home design has a composting toilet, a wood-burning stove, and was built almost entirely from recyclable materials that she found. The tiny cabins designs project took about two years to built. The tiny home design is 192 square feet in a 12 by 16 foot tiny home design. She did most of the tiny home design building herself, with the help of her children and family. She had someone do the electrical for her. There is a composting toilet, and most of the tiny home design building materials were recycled materials.

The term off-grid living refers to not being connected to a grid, mainly used regarding not being connected to the main or national electrical grid. In electricity, off the grid can be stand alone power system or mini-grids typically to provide a smaller community with electricity. Off-grid electrification is an off-grid approach to access electricity used in some countries and areas that have little access to electricity, due to scattered or distant populations. The term off the grid can refer to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on one or more public utilities. Off the grid homes are autonomous, they do not rely on municipal water supply systems, sewer, natural gas, electrical power grid, or similar utility services. A true off grid home can operate completely independent of all traditional public utility services. On-site water sources can include a stream, a well, or lake.

There have never been as many tiny houses design than there is today. With so many unique tiny cabin designs it's good news because essentially it means that home ownership is possible for more people no matter what their budget is. With so many unique tiny houses design around hopefully, it means that one day everyone will have a home to live in. Designing a tiny home design is one of the most exciting projects you can take on.

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