Creamy Orange Cheesecake

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No doubt many of you have made cheesecakes and are comfortable and familiar with baking and can imagine just by looking at a recipe what to expect. If you are one of those up and coming bakers wondering how to make a cheesecake perhaps this will be the cheesecake recipe that motivates you to give it a try. Cream cheese cheesecakes are very popular and one of those special desserts that people will treat themselves to when dining out. Dessert recipes such as this one are fun to do. There are four parts to making this cheesecake recipe. You start with the graham crust, then make the cream cheese filling. This is topped with a mandarin orange glaze that offers some tang to the dessert then you pipe on the whipped cream to garnish and drizzle with chocolate syrup. It is easier than it looks and your family and friends will feel very proud of you when they bite into this dessert. The canned mandarin oranges have the perfect juice to make the glaze from and it is sweet enough that you do not have to add any extra sugar to it. Make sure you use concentrate pure frozen orange juice pulp NOT orange drink and watch the amount you need. The recipe only calls for 6 ounces which is half of a 12 ounce can of frozen orange juice. Sometimes we don't pay close attention to recipes and then the results are not as expected. Baking is more exact than cooking so you need to measure carefully.

This is a very delicious cheesecake recipe. Try this Creamy Orange Cheesecake recipe and many other easy printable recipes on Grandmother's Kitchen site. Prepare and share our recipes with friends and families. This cheesecake freezes well and if there are any leftovers, may we suggest cutting it into slices and leaving it in the springform pan, covered with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and enjoying the 'leftovers' one delicious frozen piece at a time. You may well enjoy it as a frozen treat, but if you take it out and just let it sit for 15 minutes or so at room temperature the texture will warm up and soften again.

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