2-in-1 Easy Chocolate Chunk Cookie

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Sharing fun and easy baking recipes like this 2-in-1 Easy chocolate chunk cookie recipe means when you get a cookie craving you can in under 30 minutes have the kitchen smelling like a bakery. Making your chocolate chip cookie recipe from scratch is the way to go whenever possible instead of store packaged cookies. You get to be in charge of what goes into them and what you are feeding yourself and the family. Homemade cookie recipes from scratch mean that you can also add some of your favorite extras into them. This cookie recipe used dark chocolate cut into chunks and cacao nibs rather than chocolate chips. You could also throw in some sunflower seeds, raisins or nuts of your choosing. That is the beauty of home baking! For those that want a non-gluten product you can substitute brown rice flour for all purpose flour. Yes, it make take some experimenting to come up with 'your' perfect cookie but because they take very little time and cookies always get devoured no matter what their shape or size, you can make them again and again to the delight of all those that get to eat them. Baking should be as fun to do as it is to eat. Grandmother's are famous for having a cookie jar for little and big hands to dip into. If you love chocolate chip cookies, then this recipe is worthy of a try and you will enjoy the easy printable recipes in the My Kitchen area of Grandmother's Kitchen blog site.

Raw cacao nibs have a great chocolate taste, plus when roasted can give a nutty flavor and they are not as sweet as chocolate. Cacao nibs are made from cacao beans that are roasted and broken into smaller pieces. Raw cacao is chocolate in its purest form before anything gets added to it. They are a great source of antioxidants as well as fiber, iron and magnesium. They have a texture similar to a roasted coffee bean, so on the crunchy side. If you are not already accustomed to eating dark chocolate 80% or higher, and only eat milk chocolate, as with dark chocolate it becomes an acquired taste. The health benefits of raw cacao nibs are worth adding them into your baking.

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