Mini Lattice Crust Apple Tarts

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Apples make for some of the best pie recipes. Good old fashioned aromas from baking apples entice us all. Golden delicious apples were used to make these apple tarts. A couple of other good choices for baking apple pies include Honeycrisp, and the Granny Smith which is known to have flavors that hold up under heat and give you a good balance of sweet and tarty flavor. Because these tarts have a lattice top they are by our standards one of those fun and easy baking recipes that impress everyone because they look fancy, but in fact they are simple to create. The pie filling recipe here uses 3 to 4 large apples to fill the 12 cups. This recipe is not that high in sugar usage calling for only 1/2 cup brown sugar for the entire filling recipe. You will find with experimenting that many baking recipes call for large amounts of sugar. Yes, we all know it is important when baking to stick to the recipe, but Grandmother developed her own style of baking that often halved the amount of sugar called for. Many baked goods are overly sweet so it becomes a test of trial and error if you want to cut down on certain ingredients or substitute ingredients. Whenever possible use freshly squeezed lemon juice in your baking rather than bottled lemon juice.

Making your own crust is not as difficult as you may be lead to believe and you end up with a piecrust that has that homemade flavor. Just don't overwork the dough when you are pulling it together into a ball as it can make it tough. When you are re-rolling your dough for the second batch of circles, handle gently. Removing the tarts from the tin is likely the trickiest part. You want to be sure to let them sit for a couple minutes on the cooling rack before you run the knife around the outer edge and then don't try to remove them until they have cooled down in the pan as they are more likely to break while they are still hot. This apple tart recipe is fun to make for events like picnics, potlucks and times when it is more convenient to have individual portions prepared.

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