Chocolate Coconut Pudding Pie

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You will love this Chocolate Coconut Pudding Pie recipe, a healthy chocolate coconut pudding recipe that you make from scratch. This coconut milk dessert recipes uses healthy ingredients like honey and coconut milk to make a chocolate pudding recipe you can serve to the whole family. The crust for this coconut desserts recipe serves as the perfect base with chocolate wafer crumbs, natural coconut, and butter. The homemade coconut milk dessert recipes for pudding is then mixed with some whipped cream and dark chocolate for the pudding pie filling and then topped with some whipped cream and some coconut flakes for a dessert recipe that is sure to be a favorite. Eating shredded coconut raw is one of the best ways to get all of the coconut flakes nutrition and unsweetened coconut nutrition offered. Raw coconut has plenty of nutritional benefits with dietary finer, protein, lots of iron and vitamin C.

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