Baked Flat Bread

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This recipe for Baked Flat Bread is an easy bread recipe that is perfect for dips and to use as an appetizer recipe. This homemade bread recipe requires that you have a couple of baking sheets that are either lined with parchment paper with a drizzle of olive oil or greased with olive oil directly. Sesame seeds are a nice addition to this homemade bread recipe and give a bit of nutrition and flavor to the yummy, easy bread recipe. This baked flatbread recipe is good served warm with some baked spinach artichoke dip or another dip of your choosing. This yeasted homemade bread recipe has plain yogurt in the recipe that serves as a good substitute for high-fat ingredients in homemade bread recipes. Yogurt also helps to cut the fat in this easy bread recipe, while adding a creamy texture and tenderness to the bread recipe. Yogurt is also packed with protein and calcium.

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