Stuffed Chicken Camembert and Spinach Breasts

Photo Credit: Grandmother's Kitchen

When you live a busy life you know how important it is to have easy dinner ideas handy. This Stuffed Chicken Camembert and Spinach Breasts recipe is a great recipe to add to your collection of easy chicken breast recipes. We all get tired of having the same old thing for dinner every night of the week and many chicken breast recipes can be very bland. Not this chicken breast recipe. These chicken breasts are stuffed with some of the most enticing ingredients like camembert cheese and spinach. Camembert cheese is a lovely, smooth and creamy cheese that is similar to brie cheese, but with less of a sharp and bitter taste. The camembert cheese pairs really well with the spinach to make the stuffing for these delicious chicken breasts. This dinner idea would be perfect to enjoy with some grilled or steamed asparagus or broccoli or with a nice, green salad.

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