Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Photo Credit: Grandmother's Kitchen

This easy 1 bowl hummus recipe is a favorite in our household. It is easy to make and only takes a few minutes with a food processor. If you make a large batch like this one you can easily keep it in the fridge for up to a week and have healthy, nutritious and high energy snacks throughout the week. When you get home from work after a long day this easy healthy snack recipe with some cut veggies will hold you over until dinner is ready. What we love about this hummus recipe is that it has, no cholesterol, is low in sodium, is high in dietary fiber, high in manganese, high in vitamin B6 and very high in vitamin C. It is certainly possible to find healthy storebought hummus, according to the Environment Working Group Food Scores, but making it from scratch is really that easy once you get a hang of it. Hummus recipes are very forgiving and can be changed up to suit your tastes and ingredients you have on hand.

Nutrition Facts of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus by Grandmother's Kitchen

Ingredients: Chickpeas, roasted red pepper, lemon juice, peanut butter, salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, water.

* The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Per Serving: Calories 375, Calories from Fat 130, Total Fat 14.4g 22%, Saturated Fat 2.0g 10%, Cholesterol 0mg 0%, Sodium 105mg 4%, Potassium 743mg 21%, Carbohydrates 48.8g 16%, Dietary Fiber 13.8g 55%, Sugars 9.9g, Protein 15.7g, Vitamin A 19% · Vitamin C 97%, Calcium 8% · Iron 29%

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