Beef Chili Two Ways

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A bowl of chili on a cold day or a steaming crock pot dinner after you have finished work are so satisfying. The beef chili two ways recipe combines both by giving you a hearty chili in a slow cooker. If you enjoy a classic chili, this version will be the one for you, because it contains ground meat, beans, veggies, and of course, chili powder. The chili powder that is most commonly found at the grocery store contains spices like cumin, chili powder, oregano, and garlic. This spice blend isn’t always very spicy, but you sometimes can purchase different blends of chili powders with hotter peppers. The best crock pot recipes will involve some steps for enhancing the taste of the ingredients. This comfort meal includes the step of cooking the onions and chili powder in a skillet. The process sweetens the onions and gently toasts the spices which allow the oils to leach out, and makes this one of the best chili recipes ever.

Nutrition Facts for: Beef Chili Two Ways From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Ground beef or turkey, celery, red bell pepper, tomatoes, canned tomato sauce, canned kidney beans, canned pinto beans, canned corn niblets, cumin powder, chili powder, black pepper salt, water, butter, onion green or red chili peppers.
* The entire recipe has been calculated to make 8 servings.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
* Per Serving:Calories 682, Calories from Fat 95, Total Fat 10.6g 16%, Saturated Fat 3.9g 19%, Cholesterol 105mg 35%, Sodium 1348mg 56%, Potassium 2664mg 76%, Carbohydrates 86.4g 29%, Dietary Fiber 21.3g 85%, Sugars 11.2g, Protein 62.2g, Vitamin A 33%, Vitamin C 72%, Calcium 15%,Iron 171%

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