Grandmother's Buttercream Frosting

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This Grandmother’s buttercream frosting recipe is an easy frosting for all your indulgent dessert needs. It uses butter as a base along with sweet powdered sugar and milk. Salted butter is excellent here, even though unsalted is more common in desserts because it adds salt and amps up the flavors in the frosting. Since no other salt is included in this frosting recipe, the use of salted butter is completely workable. This buttercream recipe contains instructions for both a vanilla frosting and a chocolate frosting. If you are making a large batch of cupcakes, you could simply divide the batch of vanilla frosting in half and add half of the cocoa powder into one. That way you could have some of both frostings to decorate the cupcakes to suit all tastes. The best chocolate to use in this dish is the cocoa powder, because it contains plenty of iron and flavonoids, and adds an incredibly rich taste to the finished icing.

Nutrition Facts for: Grandmother's Buttercream Frosting From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Butter, confectioners' sugar, whole milk, pure vanilla extract, cocoa powder.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
* The entire recipe has been calculated for ONE full recipe which is enough for 24 cupcakes or a 9x13-inch cake.
* Per Serving:Calories 1747, Calories from Fat 727, Total Fat 80.8g 124%, Saturated Fat 50.6g 253%, Cholesterol 191mg 64%, Sodium 539mg 22%, Potassium 1128mg 32%, Carbohydrates 278.1g 93%, Dietary Fiber 21.4g 86%, Sugars 240.7g, Protein 16.0g, Vitamin A 44%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 20%, Iron 50%

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