Fudgy Espresso Cashew Brownies

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Are you looking for delicious homemade brownie recipes? Try this yummy recipe for Fudgy Espresso Cashew Brownies. Brownies are definitely one of the all time favourite dessert recipes for many people, so this easy brownie recipe might just become an all time favourite in your recipe book. Having the added ingredient of espresso also adds so much extra richness to the flavour of chocolatey dessert recipes like this one. Since espresso has such a rich and complex flavour, it is a great match for the cocoa in the brownies. Also, the cashews add some extra creaminess and a nice little crunch, as well as some nutrition. These brownies have 7.1 grams of protein and 243 micrograms of potassium, but they also contain almost 40 grams of sugar, so as always, eat in moderation. Pour yourself a tall glass of milk or almond milk for a healthier vegan option, and enjoy these homemade brownies for a nice treat or dessert after dinner.

Nutrition Facts for: Fudgy Espresso Cashew Brownies From Grandmother's Kitchen/b>
Ingredients: Butter, chocolate, espresso powder, salt, sugar, light brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, cashews, chocolate chips.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
* The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings.
* Per Serving:Calories 393, Calories from Fat 167, Total Fat 18.5g 28%, Saturated Fat 8.9g 44%, Cholesterol 49mg 16%, Sodium 113mg 5%, Potassium 243mg 7%, Carbohydrates 51.6g 17%, Dietary Fiber 1.8g 7%, Sugars 39.3g, Protein 7.1g, Vitamin A 2%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 8%, Iron 13%

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