Chicken Red Curry

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Fans of Thai-style curries will love this chicken red curry recipe, which involves a spicy coconut sauce, cubed chicken breast and fresh cauliflower and bell peppers. Red curry paste can be purchased in the international aisle of most grocery stores and usually contains ingredients like chili peppers, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, and lemongrass. Thai cuisine includes several curry recipes with other pastes like green curry paste or massaman curry paste. Red curry paste is less spicy than green curry paste, which is prepared with green chilies. If you aren’t a big spice fan, this red curry recipe is a good place to start enjoying the distinct flavors of Thai cuisine.

Unlike the usual Thai curries, this comfort meal contains cauliflower. Cauliflower is a very nutritious vegetable, even though it is high in sugar. Cauliflower benefits include very high amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is a B-complex vitamin which helps process carbohydrates, protein, and fat from food.

Nutrition Facts for: Chicken Red Curry From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Coconut oil, boneless skinless chicken breasts, cauliflower florets, red pepper, sweet onion, coconut milk, red curry paste, salt, pepper.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
* The entire recipe has been calculated for 16 servings.
* Per Serving:Calories 425, Calories from Fat 282, Total Fat 31.3g 48%, Saturated Fat 21.2g 106%, Cholesterol 57mg 19%, Sodium 1425mg 59%, Potassium 562mg 16%, Carbohydrates 14.4g 5%, Dietary Fiber 3.8g 15%, Sugars 5.5g, Protein 21.4g, Vitamin A 19%, Vitamin C 108%, Calcium 4%, Iron 21%

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