The Ultimate Mac and Cheese

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Who doesn't like the good old mac and cheese? Try this Ultimate Mac and Cheese recipe that has three different kinds of cheese that will entice you looking at its creaminess. It is one of the easy dinner ideas for all ages. You can make this easy macaroni and cheese recipe when you don't want to spend an awful lot of time cooking in the kitchen. One of the best things about quick pasta recipes is that the prep work is so little. Just mix the white sauce and pasta together and bake it in the oven until done. Always make sure the pasta is cooked until al dente to avoid it from getting soggy. Usually, when pasta is cooked twice, it's better to undercook it as opposed to overcooking it. Pasta that is cooked al dente also has a lower glycemic index.This easy macaroni and cheese recipe will make everyone happy in the family and could become a go-to recipe for you and your family.

Nutrition Facts for:The Ultimate Mac and Cheese From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Macaroni, butter, all purpose flour, milk, cream, salt, pepper, mustard powder, Parmesan cheese, white cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 10 servings. * Per serving: Calories 395, Calories from Fat 177 Total Fat 19.7g 30%, Saturated Fat 10.8g 54%, Cholesterol 31mg 10%, Sodium 707mg 29%, Potassium 72mg 2%, Carbohydrates 54.0g 18%, Dietary Fiber 2.9g 12%, Sugars 31.0g, Protein 4.4g, Vitamin A 7%, Vitamin C 10%, Calcium 1%, Iron 8%

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