Tomato French Onion Soup

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Want to try the best soup recipe ever? Grandmother's Tomato French Onion Soup is a great rendition of two favourite soup flavours rolled into one delicious recipe. Both French Onion soups and Tomato soups are so good on their own, and each have a distinct flavour, so people may not think of putting them together. But they really work well together. The tomato soup adds a great flavour to the french onion soup and makes it a little thicker than it usually would be. This is one of those easy homemade soups recipes that you can make for either lunch or dinner, either as a side or as a full meal since it's so satisfying. Make sure you have your bread ready to dip into it too. Try this yummy soup and other soup recipe ideas from Grandmother's own collection of original recipes. Just as you enjoy sharing your recipes with your family members, we love sharing our recipes with you.***

Nutrition Facts for: Tomato French Onion Soup From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Butter, onions, stewed tomatoes, water, beef consomme, dry sherry, French bread, Swiss cheese, Parmesan cheese.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings * Per Serving:Calories 384, Calories from Fat 182, Total Fat 20.2g 31%, Saturated Fat 12.5g 62%, Cholesterol 60mg 20%, Sodium 915mg 38%, Potassium 549mg 16%, Carbohydrates 26.8g 9%, Dietary Fiber 4.0g 16%, Sugars 8.7g, Protein 19.8g, Vitamin A 29%, Vitamin C 37%, Calcium 49%, Iron 9%

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