Simple Donuts

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This Simple Donuts recipe yields soft, doughy delight, with a light golden crisp on the outside. These doughnuts are carefully deep fried and then coated ever so slightly in sugar before serving. Can there be a better way of eating a classic donut? This doughnut recipe is ridiculously easy to prepare and melt in your mouth. Preparing easy dessert recipes are not just a matter of convenience but also make the guests happy. If you don't have a fryer at home, you can use any deep pot that is available for frying. Always remember to use the right tools like tongs or a deep-fry spoon to extract the doughnuts from the hot oil. Always make sure to choose a good frying oil with a higher smoke point such as Peanut, soybean, or sunflower oils. This doughnut recipe is one of the best dessert recipes your family is going to enjoy so much. Make this recipe for your loved ones today!

Nutrition Facts for: Simple Donuts From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: All purpose flour, baking powder, salt, milk, buttermilk, granulated sugar, butter, granulated sugar.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet
* The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings.
* Per serving: Calories 203, Calories from Fat 43, Total Fat 4.8g 7%, Saturated Fat 2.9g 14%, Cholesterol 12mg 4%, Sodium 117mg 5%, Potassium 164mg 5%, Carbohydrates 39.2g 13%, Dietary Fiber 0.6g 2%, Sugars 23.7g, Protein 2.6g, Vitamin A 3%, Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 8%, Iron 6%

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