Homemade Noodle Soup

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We all know that chicken soup is good for the soul. Try out our Grandma's homemade noodle soup recipe and enjoy your own healthy homemade soup. Whenever you are feeling under the weather, eating healthy food will support your immune system so your body can heal itself. Chicken soup is actually a very healing recipe because of the chicken broth that is used as a base for the soup. Bone broth is a food that has been consumed for thousands of years for all of the amazing minerals and vitamins it contains. You can make your own bone broth by simmering the bones of a chicken or any other animal in water for several hours and all of the minerals are extracted from the bones into the water. This chicken vegetable soup recipe also contains healthy veggies like carrots and peas that add to the nutritional value of the soup. You can even incorporate drinking a cup of bone broth into your daily routine for all of the amazing health benefits.***

Nutrition Facts for: Homemade Noodle Soup From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Olive oil, onion, garlic cloves, chicken broth, carrots, celery, chicken bouillon, bay leaf, salt, pepper, thyme, cooked chicken, frozen peas, all purpose flour, egg, milk.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings. * Per serving: Calories 238, Calories from Fat 35, Total Fat 3.9g 6%m Saturated Fat 1.0g 5%, Cholesterol 41mg 14%, Sodium 1271mg 53%, Potassium 420mg 12%, Carbohydrates 31.2g 10%, Dietary Fiber 2.8g 11%, Sugars 3.5g, Protein 18.0g, Vitamin A 79%, Vitamin C 7%, Calcium 5%,Iron 16%

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