Roasted Garlic Bread

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This Roasted Garlic Bread recipe is a basic bread recipe when you crave homemade garlic bread. No matter what the occasion is garlic bread will always make mealtime special. It’s amazing with just as little as four ingredients you can make delicious garlic bread that tastes better than the one available at your local grocery store.

Garlic is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. When consumed raw, garlic nutrition gets directly absorbed into the body and promotes various health benefits like good digestion and immune system. It has many essential minerals and vitamins like C and B6. In this recipe, you can replace the regular baguette with a sourdough bread as well to change up the flavors. When roasting the garlic always remember not to over roast and burn it as a result.

This homemade garlic bread recipe is so tempting for more helpings especially if you love the refreshing flavor of roasted garlic and butter on bread.

This simple bread recipe is one of the easiest ways to prepare fresh garlic bread to use with your family-friendly meal ideas. And the best part about this basic bread recipe is that it uses fresh garlic, so it is healthier than the store-bought garlic bread, and it will fill your house will the lovely aroma of garlic. This easy to make basic bread recipe will have garlic bread on the table in no time, and it uses fresh garlic and butter for a taste you will love. This basic bread recipe uses two cloves of fresh garlic so you will have plenty of garlic flavor. For the step by step garlic homemade bread recipe, you will want to take a look at the Grandmothers Kitchen site.

For this easy homemade bread recipe, you can use different techniques to help crush the garlic. You can use a sharp knife to chop the garlic into tiny pieces, or you can use a garlic crusher. Another helpful technique is to use a microplane to help grate the garlic cloves into the perfect consistency for use on your garlic simple bread recipes. A Microplane may be a kitchen tool that you already have, and grating garlic is one of the best ways to use this tool. The Microplane grates the garlic cloves into fine pieces that can easily disappear into any sauce, which helps to prevent those huge pieces of garlic on your simple bread recipes of dressing recipes. You can use the microplane to grate the garlic to use with the butter or grate the garlic for use in a variety of other food ideas and fun family-friendly meal ideas. When you grate the garlic using a microplane, it is easy to distribute the garlic evenly into the butter or your recipe ideas. You do want to be careful when using the microplane as it is easy to grate your fingers if you don't watch out. You will also want to make sure to properly clean the microplane so the next time you use it to grate up some chocolate for your dessert recipe, it won't smell like garlic. You will want to get rid of all the garlic that may be stuck in the microplane, by running the sponge in the opposite direction that you used it. You'll want to use some liquid dish soap and water pressure to do most of the cleaning, then run a sponge in one direction over the microplane on both the front and the back of the microplane to make sure it doesn't smell of garlic.

Garlic is a star in the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. Garlic is said to possess a variety of health benefits. Garlic can be used to treat both coughs and colds. And some people swear by eating raw garlic cloves they can help treat colds and coughs. If you try this natural health remedy, you will want to be sure and brush your teeth afterwards. A good way to use garlic is at the early onset of a cold by eating, at least two cloves of crushed garlic, which may help to lessen the severity of your cold. If you don't want to eat it on its own, add it to some salad dressing. Cutting the garlic cloves helps to activate the alliinase enzymes which are said to be highly beneficial to health. You can use garlic cloves in salad recipes, soups, stews, vegetables and more. **

Nutrition Facts for: Roasted Garlic Bread From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Baguette, garlic cloves, fresh parsley, butter.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 8 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 190, Calories from Fat 106, Total Fat 11.8g 18%, Saturated Fat 7.4g 37%, Cholesterol 31mg 10%, Sodium 272mg 11%, Potassium 59mg 2%,Carbohydrates 19.1g 6%, Dietary Fiber 1.4g 6%, Sugars 0.5g, Protein 2.5g, Vitamin A 9%, Vitamin C 2%, Calcium 1%,Iron 8%

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