Easy Homemade Custard

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I can think of at least a dozen delicious dessert recipes that call for custard, so here is an easy homemade custard recipe that you can use. There are just 7 ingredients, most of which you will likely have in your cupboards if you are used to baking. This custard recipe takes about 15 minutes to make and you can choose the highest quality ingredients to make a healthier dessert that has less colors and chemicals than what you will find in the grocery stores.

Pair this custard with just about any fruit, as a layer in a parfait or in a custard pie. It is just so creamy and delicious!

There's nothing quite like homemade custard to use in a variety of your dessert recipes, or eaten on its own. This homemade custard dessert recipe is a little different in that it uses coconut palm sugar, so it's just a bit healthier than the classic custard recipe. And the best part is that this easy dessert only uses seven ingredients, and chances are you already have the ingredients in your kitchen. This homemade custard dessert recipe only takes about 15 minutes to make so that you can use it for your easy desserts right away.

You can use this homemade custard recipe in dessert recipes, or as a base for a dessert recipe. This homemade custard dessert recipe can also be used as a dessert sauce. Custard recipes can also be used for savory recipes, without the sugar of course. Quiche recipes are just one example of a savory custard recipe baked into a pie crust. And frittata recipes are a savory custard recipe that is cooked in a deep skillet. This homemade custard dessert recipe would be perfect in a homemade or store bought pie crust. You might consider making a homemade pie crust, filling it with custard, then topping it with whipped cream for a lovely dessert recipe when guests come over. Or another great idea for this homemade custard dessert recipe is put into small tart shells, again either homemade or store bought and then filling them with custard. You could layer the custard in a dessert bowl with pound cake, whipped cream and fresh strawberries and other berries for a trifle recipe. Or with some dessert glasses, layer the custard with whipped cream and fresh strawberries for a colorful dessert recipe idea. The options are limitless.

Coconut palm sugar is the boiled and the dehydrated sap of the coconut palm. Coconut palm sugar does offer some trace nutrients, and this sweetener may have less of a dramatic impact on your blood sugar levels than other types of sugars. While coconut palm sugar may be a bit of a healthier sugar, it is sugar nonetheless and has the same amount of calories as regular sugar. Coconut palm sugar is one of the most sustainable types of sweeteners in the world, as the trees use minimal amounts of both water and fuel, especially when you compare it to sugar cane production. Coconut palm sugar also has no artificial ingredients and is an ingredient that is not chemically altered.

The main ingredient in this homemade custard recipe is the eggs, so you will want to be sure and buy quality eggs. With that said you will be sure to have more than one option when you go to the grocery store, as to the best eggs to buy. Price is usually a good indicator of the quality of the best eggs to buy, with the priciest eggs being the best quality. The eggs that you choose to buy will often depend on your grocery budget. Not everyone wants to pay $7 or 8 dollars for a dozen eggs, and if this is the case, you may just go for conventional eggs. Free range eggs are better than conventional eggs, in that the chickens do have to have some access to roaming around freely, which is much better than battery cages where the chickens are in terrible living conditions. Organic eggs and chickens are one of the best eggs to buy, as the chickens are treated much more humanely, they are fed a natural diet to their species. Pastured eggs are another good option, and some people will say the best eggs to buy.

Keep this custard recipe covered in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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