Inside Out Reeses Peanut Butter Cake

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Reeses peanut butter cups are a delicious treat and snack. Now you can try this recipe for inside out reeses peanut butter cake and enjoy this yummy peanut butter and chocolate snack in a whole new way.

This recipe combines a wonderful pre-packaged chocolate cake mix with a great peanut butter frosting. This makes the cake quick and easy to make and a perfect place for young bakers to start their baking journey.

Peanuts are also loaded with good nutrition. First, they contain mono-unsaturated fats, the kind of fat that is heart healthy. In addition, peanuts are good for overall heart health, and studies have shown that peanut butter can even drop the risk of cardiovascular disease by about 21 percent.

Peanuts also are chock full of vitamin E, protein and manganese, all of which also support heart health. Peanuts also contain resveratrol, the anti-oxidant found in red grapes and red wine that is so good and helpful to reducing the risk of heart disease. So you can feel good about serving peanuts and peanut butter to your family. Look for peanut butter that is made just from peanuts without adding salt or sugar in order to maximize the nutritional punch of this little nut. Both smooth and crunchy peanut butter are equally nutritious so choose your favorite.

As you probably already realize, the reason this is called an inside out peanut butter reeses cake is because the chocolate is on the inside and the peanuts are on the outside of this pretty cake. It is a fun treat to serve whenever you want to give your family something special to eat.

It is an easy cake to bake and it can be served either warm or cold. Put this pretty cake out with a side of ice-cream and you have a really super treat for your family after dinner tonight. The photos on the website and easy to follow directions will help you pull it together in a snap.

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