Instant Pickles! (30 second vacuum pickles!)

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Are you discouraged about making your own pickles and other pickled goods because of the specialized equipment, how time consuming it can be, and other issues around making them? Well, then try these instant pickles! (30 second vacuum pickles!) that will make your life easier and you, more enthusiastic about producing home made and delicious pickles for your family.

Traditional pickling was one of many methods used to preserve the bounty of food that was harvested in late summer. It can be a bit difficult for us to imagine not having food readily available, but there was a time when food grown in the summer had to make it through to the following spring when more food could be planted, grown, harvested, collected or otherwise produced. So when foods were harvested, they had to be preserved in a way that they could last without spoiling, sometimes for many months. Pickling was one method that accomplished that.

Pickling begins, broadly, with preparing the fruit or vegetable by chopping, coring, peeling, or other processes. Then it is often cooked and then placed in to glass jars. Pickles are made using a brine that often includes salt and sugar. These glass filled goods are then processed in a hot water bath. That is the primary method of pickling, although there are other ways to do this work. But salt and sugar heated to boiling over fruits and veggies keeps them from going bad for a very long time, and so suited the needs of early settlers well.

With today’s advanced technologies, though, we are finding better and faster ways to produce nearly the same products. Often, today’s methods preserve the produce better, losing minimal nutritional value as they are processed. This method will require a few specialized tools that you can easily buy at the craft store, Walmart, or possibly your local hardware store. The steps are quick and easy, and even the kids can try. Check it out. Get the goods and make a day of it with the kids. It will be a fun, easy, and instructive time for everyone.

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