Instant Pot Old Fashioned Pot Roast

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This Instant Pot old-fashioned pot roast with gravy and vegetable food idea might just change the way you cook dinner. This pot roast is one of the most easy dinner ideas you'll try. It's a one-pot dinner that is sure to be a family favorite. If you've never tried an Instant Pot, or you've purchased one, and it's sitting in the kitchen cupboard collecting dust, you will want to pull it out and give it a try. This is a comfort food recipe done in one pot, and you won't have to turn on the oven. While this easy dinner idea has a few stages of cooking, it’s 100 percent worth the effort. Instant Pot is a versatile appliance in the kitchen that will save you time. You can use it as a pressure cooker, a rice cooker, a slow cooker, saute, make soup, the list goes on and on. This pot roast recipe is tender, comforting and full of flavor. The potatoes and the carrots are cooked perfectly, and the gravy brings the recipe all together. This easy dinner idea is a one-pot dinner and sure to be a family favorite. For this easy dinner idea, you will need a chuck roast, vegetable oil, yellow onion, low-sodium beef broth, tomato paste, bay leaves, carrots, red potatoes, fresh parsley, all-purpose flour, water, salt and pepper. For the full step by step recipe for this instant pot old-fashioned pot roast recipe, you will want to take a look at the Bread Booze Bacon recipe site.

Pot roast isn't really a specific food idea, recipe or cut of meat it is more of a method of cooking. Pot roast recipes take a big cut of tough beef, brown it, then cover and slow cook the beef with aromatics and liquid such as stock, wine, broth, or water until the beef is melt in your mouth tender. Tougher cuts of meat make the best pot roast recipes. When thinking about how a pot roast is made, it's the time and the temperature that defines the process. Pot roast recipes are a braise that cooks at a low temperature for a long period. The tougher cuts of meat work the best. You want lean cuts with lots of connective tissue and very little fat in the beef that see a lot of movement and action on the animal. When these cuts of beef are cooked properly, the high amount of collagen in the tough cuts eventually break down into gelatin, helping to tenderize the meat, making it succulent, and also adding richness and body to the braising liquid to turn into a velvety sauce.

The cuts of beef that work the best for pot roast easy dinner ideas and recipe include chuck roast, brisket and round. Chuck is from the front portion of the animal. You want to look for chuck roast, boneless chuck roast, shoulder steak, chuck shoulder pot roast, beef chuck arm or chuck seven-bone pot roast. Brisket comes from the breast or the lower chest with long strands of meat. This flat cut of meat is leaner, and the point cut has more fat. Brisket is best when it is sliced against the grain of the meat for maximum tenderness. Round roasts come from the rear leg area of the animal. You want to look for rump roast or for bottom round.

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