Instant Pot White Chicken Chili

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The constant hunt for healthy dinner ideas is always a struggle. If you're looking for healthy homemade recipes for your family, then this Instant Pot White Chicken Chili recipe is a must try. It’s delicious a lot of protein that comes from beans, dairy ingredients, chicken broth and chicken thighs that are cooked in taco seasoning for 30 minutes straight. The ingredients are soaked in delicious white sauce and then topped with melted cheese while serving. You will be swept away by how thick and delicious this chilli will turn out. You can also add other cheeses of your choice like feta, mozzarella, Swiss cheese to the chilli to up the taste a bit more just like the restaurant style. Isn't it incredible to know that some of the best chicken recipes out there also happen to be the easiest and practical way of fixing family lunches or dinners? The drool factor for healthy homemade recipes is not only high but also free from preservatives and high sodium levels unlike eating at a fast food joint. This is also a fun recipe to feed a large crowd, for a picnic or potluck and everyone's going to love it. You can freeze a whole batch of this wonderful chicken chilli recipe and eat them whenever you crave a little something drool-worthy cheesy chicken taco chilli for dinner.

Healthy dinner ideas don't have to be complicated or lengthy. Cooking healthy homemade recipes are all about comfort within the luxury of your kitchen by having access to the right ingredients. As long you eat healthy food it doesn't matter whether you bake, barbecue, grill or steam your meals. It's all about changing it up anyway and trying new variations in your cooking style. This recipe uses chicken thighs, but you can also use chicken breast if you want. Just make sure that if you’re cooking with chicken breast do not dry it out. When preparing with chicken breast, remember not to overcook it. Since there is a high chance of the chicken breast losing its moisture resulting in a dry, chewy texture, it is better to cook it on low until its tender and moist. For this purpose, it is best to opt for a slow cooker instead of instant one.

Hygiene is also another important aspect when cooking with any meat. Practising safe methods of handling meat helps in preventing food poisoning. Did you know you can avoid up to 80 percent of food-borne diseases just by handling meat the safe way? The safest and best way to keep the bacteria out of your kitchen and the surrounding area is by cleaning your hands before and after handling meat. Sanitize everything that has come in contact with meat including kitchen utensils, the floor and countertops after you have finished working with meat. Remember to store the meat in the fridge or freeze it for later use to prevent salmonella. Some types of meat like chicken, pork, and seafood have to be cooked thoroughly to the right temperature. Even if the meat is slightly undercooked, it can result in food contamination.

Thank you to Brandi Burgess at the Aunt Bee's Recipes food blog for sharing this excellent Instant Pot White Chicken Chili recipe with us. Brandi is a busy mum who loves cooking for her family with a passion. For more healthy dinner ideas, do check out Brandi’s blog where she shares some of the best chicken recipes. This variation of White Chicken Chilli recipe is healthy and hearty and doesn’t need a reason to indulge. Try making it for loved ones today!

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