Irish Cream Pie

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Do you have someone you know that absolutely loves Irish Cream? Maybe a family member or a friend who really likes Bailey's or something of the sort? Or maybe you really love it! This is the perfect way to have that flavour in a dessert, Irish Cream Pie! I have seen and tried an Irish cream flavoured cupcake that was really nice... It had a nice Irish cream buttercream icing, and then the cupcake had a hint of the flavour as well. It's so amazing how people are able to make pretty much any flavour into a recipe of a pie or a cake or cupcake these days! So creative!

This recipe from Simply Sated, will fill that craving for Irish cream you have had if anything will! This is a great way to have that creamy irish cream flavour without the risk of getting too tipsy, with irish cream liqueur, you have to remember to drink it nice and slowly, but with this, you can eat it as slow or as quickly as you like, even though slower always seems to be better, to savour every little bit of flavour of the pie.

You can even try your hand at making Bailey's Irish cream liqueur from scratch! And there is also a non alcoholic version of the pie just incase you need it. The pie is very simple to make, and has a nice chocolate crust, that is very easy to make from scratch. And then the filling is a nice creamy, decadent filling of milk, heavy cream, Irish cream and marshmallows for added sweetness. Wow, does this ever sound like it would be awesome! You can top it off with some shaved chocolate, or maybe some mint chocolate or mint just by itself! Or just some cinnamon sparkled would be nice! Try it out! Head over to 'Simply Sated' by following the link in the section below for more!

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