Irish Potato Bread

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Thank you to Bunny from whose blog we go this great easy recipe for Irish Potato Bread! "Bunny’s Warm Oven" is as warm and welcoming as I thought it would be just from the feeling the name conjures up. Bunny is a grandmother with a passion for baking and channels that into her blog. Her Irish potato bread recipe is so easy to follow with her style of writing and this is a recipe that would be an easy and great place to start for any novice in the kitchen! This easy recipe for Irish potato bread may sound scary to the low carb diet but when a couple of ingredients are swapped out it becomes much more diet / health conscious friendly. Irish potato bread comes from Ireland and it usually accompanies a big breakfast fry up.

Potato bread though carb heavy is also nutritious. The potato provides vitamins and minerals. With a couple of swaps in the recipe it can easily be made more nutritious though while still making the main star of the recipe, potato’s, shine. The biggest culprits in this recipe are the butter and white flour. Swapping butter out for coconut oil and white flour for whole wheat, or even a mix of oat and whole wheat flour is an easy way to make the potato bread more nutritionally balanced. Bunny’s recipe also calls for garlic powder, but for a little more adventure try mincing up some garlic and frying it and then adding it. In Ireland, potato farls as they call it there is also served with some fresh scallions chopped up, which just sounds delicious. There are so many ways you can cook something as well that will make it tastier rather than just the ingredients. In this particular case frying up the mashed potato with the aforementioned minced garlic. An easy way to up the tastiness factor without adding calories!

Irish potato bread is also one of the many reasons that everyone should have a cast iron pan! There are so many delicious things that can be made so easily in it, and if you wait for the right time of year you can get up to 70 % off a great one. And a cast iron pan is not something you want to cheap out on.

Potato is almost synonymous with Ireland because it was a very important staple in the Irish diet when there was not much else. Everyone has heard of the Irish Potato Famine, the disaster that occurred when potato’s became unavailable. That is how important they were to the Irish diet. The potato is nutritionally whole enough to make up a large part of someone’s diet, and this recipe probably started out with wanting to save flour so people made a combination. Out of what was necessity arose a delicious and comforting recipe that has stood the test of time. Pull out your cast iron pan and whip yourself up some Irish potato bread, with or without the healthier ingredient alternatives it will prove to be scrumptious!

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