Is Drinking From Plastic Bottles Killing You?

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There is so much controversy about plastic water bottles. We have all seen the ads about the piles and piles of plastic bottles, a shocking 80 percent of them are filling up our the landfills! It does not seem to matter to people that the cost of bottled water far exceeds your tap water. Recycling is happening but only about 13 percent at this point end up being recycled.

Bottled water is not always as safe as tap water. The fact that it is sitting in a plastic bottle and can be leaching phthalates from the bottle equates into hormone disruption. It is the plastic that is creating much of the health concerns.

What about how the bottles are made? According to National Geographic, 29 billion bottles are purchased by Americans yearly. To make the bottles it uses 17 million barrels of crude oil...EACH YEAR!!! That equals what it takes to run a million vehicles for one year. Fill a water bottle 1/4 full. That is how much crude oil is needed to make that one bottle!

So none of this is good for the environment or for our bodies. That is just the process to produce the bottles, never mind the plastic itself. Just how safe is the plastic we are drinking from. Are we slowly killing ourselves by drinking from these bottles?

Although many people reuse the plastic water drinking bottle that comes with water already in it, this practice is not advised. The reason is that reusing increases the change of impurities because of bacteria and then there is the potential of leaching the plastic compounds right into that water you are planning to drink. This is a real eye-opening bit of information. For years I thought that at least by reusing the plastic bottle, that was a good thing to do, and in some aspects it is, but not when it comes to your own body and your own well being.

There are some plastics that are considered safer to drink from and some you just never should. Glass is the very best option for carrying your drinking water, but many people don't want to use it because it is breakable.

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