Is it possible to QUIT paying high energy bills...cut your energy costs and run all your appliances for free ?

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Moving off the grid is a rewarding process, even if you make the switch gradually. Taking direct responsibility for your own power needs and wants can fill you with a deep feeling of satisfaction that the average life lacks. Living off the grid brings you back to a more wholesome way of life, devoid of the madness of high power bills, long power outages, black outs, and stressful living.

You never know when the power might cut out. Floods, storms, economic collapse…it’s always a good idea to be off the grid in the event that the grid isn’t available.

By taking charge of your own power supplies; you also ensure your continued comfort in the event of any national collapse. Even if you don’t think the “end is near”, having this extra level of protection will give you peace of mind every time a power outage, black outs, financial or ecological disaster looms.

If you have sun/wind in your area, that could be a safer, less expensive alternative to a gas-powered generator for emergency backup power.

Renewable energy experts often recommend a off-grid solar setup, with solar energy systems. . GGC sells a system that includes both a wind turbine and solar panels hybrid true off-gird system (Home Power System 540KWH Monthly Output Off Grid Solar/Wind Kit With 12000 Watt Power Inverter)

You can save several hundred dollars a month by going off-grid and can run all your appliances with GGC true off-gird system for free.

You’ll find GGC true off-gird system the best for, cooking, heating water, and controlling the temperature of your home. Many of these GGC system come with free shipping, free installation, free ground mounts, Plus a Federal Tax Credit of 30% of the installed cost, making them best system.

Most of these off-grid have a high upfront cost ($15,000) but you’ll quickly recoup by saving on your power bill. The sooner you act; the sooner you’ll save. Savings of well over $108,000 in electric bill over 30 years.

ADVANTAGES: You will run all your appliances at zero cost! NO grid required! No more reliance on a gas, grid, propane or charcoal. No more high power bills, long power outages, black outs, and stressful living. Easily make tea,coffee, noodles, cook rice or heat water for free. "

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