Is this 258 SQFT garden cottage on the river part of your dream?

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If you have been dreaming about a little cottage nestled on a river bank that you can fill with all your favorite flowers and greenery, this darling retreat is something you will want to check out. Located on the river Bille, which flows through Hamburg, Germany, this cottage is an excellent vacation spot for the owners, Marion and her husband. Marion and her husband designed and built their home with the help of a professional carpenter. Little houses like this are excellent because don’t require many furnishings or much care. This is one of the reasons the tiny house movement is so popular; owning a tiny home gives you a chance to take on the things you enjoy. For Marion and her husband, this means gardening and having a place to relax.

Small cottage homes are adorable and quaint. This one is only 258 square feet, which while small, includes everything needed for everyday life. This home’s greatest fixture is its front deck, which overlooks the river Bille and contains ample seating for dining or enjoying the sun. Stairs lead down to the patio below. Once inside there are two levels, the main floor, and a loft. The loft is spacious enough for sleeping. It contains more head space than is traditional in a mini house loft, which is due to Marion’s smart design. She combined a gabled dormer with a shed dormer to get the most head space out of the room possible. Simply put, a gabled dormer is pitched roof with two sloping sides so that it looks like a triangle. A shed dormer is a single roof that is flat. What Marion did so cleverly in her small house design was combine these two dormers so that she would get ample headspace across the entire loft. For people who deviate from tiny homes with a loft because they are small and cramped, Marion’s design is an excellent one to think about.

The main floor is well thought out, including a living area with a wood stove, a small area to prepare food and a half bathroom. Beyond the building type and interior, one of the most interesting things about this place is its location. This mini house is located in an allotment garden, which are small amounts of land granted to gardeners for an annual fee. Although gardeners are allowed to garden and build on their plots, they are not allowed to live on the land long term. The space is meant more for a vacation home or a place to get away to on weekends. With this spot’s placement on a slow flowing river, it is easy to see why it makes the most terrific vacation home. The location of this cottage is so idyllic that it is certain the owners spend plenty of time lounging on the deck and enjoying the sounds of the river.

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