Is this the perfect guest log cabin for your property?

Photo Credit: Deer Run Cabins

This tiny cabin is an excellent choice for a guest house on your property. This quaint building is complete with a bedroom, bathroom and living space, so your guest can have some privacy when they are visiting. There is even a loft area in the cabin for storage or another use. Don’t limit this small home to a guest house, though; it would also be terrific as a vacation home for a property on a lake because the exterior of these wood cabins makes them perfect for more rugged terrain. There is even a kitchen inside the cabin, which means you can cook and prepare food in your home away from home.

The company, Deer Run Cabins, builds this particular cabin, called ‘the elk cabin w/ dormers.' Dormers are a type of architecture in the roof of buildings that helps increase the amount of space. This is particularly ideal for this tiny cabin because it increases the space in the loft area by pitching the roof. Deer Run Cabins gives customers the choice of having their cabin built directly on the intended site or pre-built for delivery. The pre-built log cabin packages will be more expensive than having the cabin built on the designated property, but there will be minimal work for the customer. Customers can expect that pre-built cabin will include delivery of an intact home, which is built in the company’s facilities in Campbellsville, Kentucky. They will deliver their homes to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Alternatively, if you are more interested in building a cabin, you can have the kit delivered to the property and have it assembled on site.

Small log cabins are lovely for the family during the holidays, an office space, or cottage, but they can also be lived in. Deer Run Cabins includes some features that make their cabins livable all year round. For one thing, they have a kitchen, so it is possible to prepare food. Their cabins can also be fitted with a system for heating and cooling, making the cabins perfect for summer or winter living. The small space and SIPs make this cabin easy to warm and cool no matter the season. Typically, small spaces require less effort and energy to regulate, and therefore, leave a smaller carbon footprint than larger homes. The SIPs are structural insulated panels, which provide extra insulation to keep the cabin at a desirable temperature throughout the year.

For more information on ‘the elk cabin’ or Deer Run Cabins themselves, visit their website. They have listings of all their cabins including photos and floor layout plans. They also provide some basic information about pricing, whether you purchase a pre-built cabin or one that is to be built on the site. Deer Run Cabins is one of the best log home builders because they will allow each of their signature building to be customized from flooring to roofing or layout. If this cabin or a customized version is what you desire, consider calling their phone number or fill out the website’s contact form.

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