Is your walkway boring? This colorful path was easy and they did it for about $100

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Landscaping your yard is one of the pleasures of owning a home of your own. But hiring on a landscaper can cost a lot of money which can be a lot when you've just bought a home. So in the meantime, you can try some fun diy projects to do your very own landscaping. It's actually pretty easy because of all the great diy ideas out there including this one from Hometalk. Eileen Wuenstel Taylor, a member of the Hometalk community shares how she and her husband created a beautiful front walkway on their property. At first, their walkway was just made out of recycled concrete pieces and dirt. So Eileen decided to make it look nicer and create a mosaic walkway and with river rocks. She also added in some pieces of broken pots and small tiles to make a gorgeous and colourful design. She says that when she contacted a local landscaper he quoted her $2,500 to do this same job and she was able to diy it for under $100. Your walkway is the pathway to your home, so not only do you want it to look nice, you want it to be safe, so make sure you take your time to do these diy ideas properly and make sure that everything is levelled.

Eileen started out by edging the walkway with bender board to create the shape of it and then removed them later on. Then, if you do it the same way she did, you will start to place your smaller river rocks and decorative pieces of tile. It's best to work in small sections and then when you're done, pour dry mortar over the rocks levelling it all as you go. Once you've placed all of the stones with the dry mortar, you can then pour water over it all to form the concrete. She also went back and painted the concrete pieces to look like sandstone in a terra cotta colour which looks so natural. She says that the pathway stands up to 110 degree Fahrenheit heat and 30 degree Fahrenheit cold. She chose a mortar that was appropriate for her area, so if you're not sure which one to use in your area, just ask someone at your local hardware store and they should be able to tell you. You should also put a couple of coats of sealer on it if you have really cold winters.

Another great way to create a pathway is to use pavers that you can buy at your local hardware store. If you're on a budget, just get the most affordable ones you can find and depending on how long your walkway is, you may not need too many of them. For a more natural look, larger river rocks would also look great, or even a large path made up of smaller river rocks. For landscaping around your new diy walk way, you can also include some fun diy projects like raised planters, or you can plant some nice plants along the sides of your walkway to enhance the path even more. Choose plants of various heights and shapes to add some visual interest but make sure to keep them a bit of a distance from your path, so they don't block it in any way. So with some recycled materials and diy ideas, you can have your very own handmade walking path in your entrance way or in your backyard. Check out this and many of the other diy ideas and fun diy projects from Hometalk. You're sure to find more than one fun diy project to do.***

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