Italian Beef Bake

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Italian food is loved by every one and that will also be the case in your family when you present this Italian Beef Bake at the dinner table tonight. This particular recipe gets some help from commercial tomato sauce that makes the entire dish come together more quickly. You could easily use your own homemade sauce for this dish. As well, the recipe calls for reduced fat cheese, an option plenty of people prefer. Red peppers—and plenty of them—make this recipe finish with a wonderfully sweet flavor that red peppers have once they are cooked. It complements the beef and tomato sauce beautifully. Red peppers are loaded with vitamin C, B6 and magnesium. They are packed with anti-oxidants, and perhaps best of all, recent research suggests that red peppers can activate thermogenesis, increasing your metabolic rate. And that can mean you lose weight more easily.

This recipe is quick and easy to make and easy enough that young cooks could try it for themselves. Let them. And watch how proud they are to set the casserole down on the table themselves. That is also another advantage to this dish—it is made in a casserole dish. It is almost a golden cooking rule that anything made in a baking dish needs to be an easy and convenient meal that can almost be tossed together without thinking about it. That might not be the whole story for this recipe, but it is simple and the recipe photos and clear instructions can guide you through the process.

Try this dish and consider freezing individual pieces so kids and family can reheat a piece when they like. Although we often think about pasta and meat dishes as a dinner meal, when frozen, this dish could reheat for breakfast. Why not? Try this recipe soon, or have someone in the family bake it up for all. Enjoy it soon.

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