Italian Breaded Pork Chops

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Pork has become a meat that is as lean, tender and delicious as any beef or chicken. It is a terrific meat to eat and has a slightly sweet, and very tender taste and bite. Try these Italian Breaded Pork Chops, which blend parsley and Parmesan cheese in a nice crumb, then bake them to perfection. The recipe is an easy one to make, although you do have to fry and then bake the pork chops to completion. That means it is a couple of steps to make these pork chops. Still, good flavor and great results are worth the time and effort to cook these up. So try the recipe soon.

Pork is sometimes a vilified meat, but it should not be. The same strict standards that attend beef, chicken or even fish, are also found for pork. So learn to eat it and enjoy it. It is as reasonably priced as beef, and even is sometimes less expensive. And a few bites are enough to provide you with great nutrition, as well as filling you up. So serving meat can be a very cost effective way to get plenty of goodness in to the kids and the rest of the family. If the meat can fit easily in to the palm of your hand that constitutes a full serving of meat for one person. And children need even less. So many cuts, meant for single serving, may well be enough for two people.

These Italian Breaded Pork Chops include parsley. Parsley is an amazing food. Of course, we do not eat much of it, but we could start chopping up a whole lot more and sprinkling it on all our veggies, rice, noodles and even meat, chicken or fish. It is great for cleansing the palette as you eat, contains loads of vitamin C, have shown early promise for inhibiting tumor formation in the lungs, and is an anti-oxidant that helps inhibit the action of free radicals in the body. So start eating and using parsley more. It is a super herb, and actually, the most used herb in the world (even if it seems that in North America we use it more as a garnish).

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