Italian Breakfast Casserole

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Starting the day out right with a nice, hearty breakfast is always a good idea. This Italian Breakfast Casserole is sure to fill you up and satiate you until lunchtime. You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it might sound cliche, but there's a lot of truth to that too. When we first wake up, we are hungry because we've been fasting all night, which is why they call the first meal of the day breakfast because we are literally breaking a fast. Our brains and bodies need fuel in the form of food to operate effectively, which is why it's important to start out your day with a good breakfast. If you don't eat breakfast, your body has little to no fuel to run on which can leave you feeling tire, angry and even anxious. Even eating the wrong foods early in the morning can leave some people feeling worse off. For example, eating a lot of sugary breakfast cereal or pancakes with lots of syrup and whipped cream can give us a big sugar rush and then a crash. These sweeter breakfast foods are great, but as with anything, it's important to eat foods like this in moderation.

That's why most of the healthy meal ideas you find will have some form of protein in them. Protein is great for our bodies and our minds, and we tend to process it at a slower rate than sugar which is burned up really quick and can leave you feeling depleted. This is one of the fun breakfast ideas from Kevin & Amanda that will be sure to check off all of the boxes. It's healthy, filling and it's delicious. Casseroles aren't just great for dinner time; you can also make them for breakfast too. This breakfast casserole recipe features layers of salami, eggs, ham, and cheese which would be very satiating. The other thing is, you could also eat this for lunch or dinner too. You could even make it the night before a busy day and then heat it up in the oven for breakfast in the morning. You get 6 servings out of it which would be enough to feed a small family, but you can also make two of them if you have a crowd to feed.

All you need to make this fun breakfast idea is some olive oil, bell peppers and onions, a tube of Crescent Rolls, 8 slices of ham, 15 slices of salami, 8 eggs and some salt and pepper to taste. You will also need some shredded cheese they use mozzarella, provolone or an Italian blend. If you want to add more flavour, you could also add in some Italian seasonings like basil, oregano and thyme to the recipe which would be very good. All you do is put some of the olive oil in a large pan on high heat, then add the bell peppers and onions to cook. Let them cook until they are soft and a bit black around the edges. Then, in a greased pan, layer the crescent rolls at the bottom of the pan, then layer the ham slices and the salami slices. In another bowl beat the eggs with any seasonings and then pour the mixture on top of the crescent rolls and meat. Then, take the cooked vegetables and put them on top and cover with the shredded cheese. Put into your preheated oven and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. When it comes out of the oven allow it to cool for 5 minutes and then cut up and serve. Enjoy this and other healthy meal ideas from Kevin & Amanda.***

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