Italian Chili

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Yes people there is such a thing as Italian Chili. A hush descends on the gathered listeners. Alli of Cupcake Diaries brings this Italian Chili recipe to us. Many of us have a recipe for making chili but how many have an Italian Chili recipe? When it comes to a recipe for making chili we are used to seeing ones that incorporate Spanish or Mexican pantry staples to them. After all is said and done this might become your best chili recipe especially if you are a fan of Italian spices.This certain recipe for making chili that Alli shares with us will make you think of your favorite pasta sauce before you consider it being a chili recipe. If one day it becomes your best chili recipe then you will be happy to share it with friends and loved ones. Chili is great on cold days, warm days, rainy days and just about any day. Have a great loaf of artisan bread on hand to help you sop up all that tomato and sausage and cheese goodness.

The concept of chili is not as old as you might think. The first known recipe for chili showed up in Spain around 1850 and at that time was made by drying beef and adding dried chili peppers and salt, that were all pounded together, formed into bricks and left to dry, which could then be boiled in pots on the trail that was used frequently by the Spanish army as they moved across places while in wars or simply on patrols. It made its way to America with Spanish immigrants and was introduced at the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago in the San Antonio Chili Stand. The city of San Antonio was a popular tourist destination and it helped to introduce Texas style Chili con carne to the masses and from there it spread to the south and southwest and today we can find it just about everywhere in one form of recipe or another. It became the official dish of the State of Texas in 1977.

The beauty of chili recipes is in the fact that you can pretty well add any type of meat you like and if you are of the vegetarian ilk than you can make it vegetarian style as well. Just about every chili recipe out there call for tomatoes to be included in the mix. Beans are the other staple but that doesn’t mean you can’t leave out the tomatoes. Chili Verde is a take on the chili recipe that uses chicken broth to cook along with pork and peppers and tomatoes are very rarely used. White chili is another take on this delicious recipe that excludes tomatoes. Whether you add tomatoes or don’t and if you call it five-alarm, for the heat content, or as this one is called Italian Chili, either way it is a comfort food to the extreme.Our thanks to Alli of Cupcake Diaries Blog for her yummy Italian Chili recipe and remember it’s not what you put into the recipe it’s all about what you get out of it. Bon apetit. **

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