Italian Goulash

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There are many goulash recipes that are traditional Hungarian and Southern European fare and you now have a goulash that has an Italian spin to it. This easy goulash recipe can be made with leftover pasta and if you are a fan of meat you add the beef to it or you can forgo the meat and keep it vegetarian. Anytime you come across a recipe you love and after reading it you realize that it contains meat or any ingredients that you are not a fan of then you can easily substitute any ingredients to add ones that you like. Any easy beef goulash recipe that you decide to cook can include any noodles you like and if you want you can change the meat to chicken breast and cut down on extra fat you will be doing yourself a favor. You can help yourself by getting a leaner cut of meat if you love beef and must use it. Choose a cut with less fat, it might cost a little more but when it comes to health never scrimp on the cost. This easy goulash recipe from the kitchen of Pam can be made quickly and easily and should be a hit with your diners. When it comes to any easy beef goulash recipe then an easy one is a good one.

Traditional goulash is based on a stew or even a thick soup. The first known goulash recipe came from Hungary around the 9th century. It was usually the meal for the shepherds that would take the flock on long journeys in search of great grazing lands. While being on these extended journeys they would need sustenance so they devised the goulash. They would cook the meat and to help keep it for the long journey they would dry it out. It would then be stored in bags that you basically made from the sheep’s stomach. Once on the trail they would mix the meat with potatoes and other veggies to make the rich stew that would keep them filled while on these long excursions.

The word goulash came from the original Hungarian word gulyas that means herdsmen. From that original word over time it was lovingly renamed goulash and we now use it here in North America to refer to this rich stew. There are now many European countries that make their own rendition of it and we have a new recipe for it from the kitchen of Pam. She has been inspired with Italian ingredients like marinara sauce and cremini mushrooms to give her goulash the Italian name. This recipe can be easily named any type of goulash you like with the addition of ingredients from another part of the world. As with any recipe that inspires you any title you want to give it is your own personal choice. Thanks to Pam of For the Love of Cooking Blog for this yummy Italian Goulash Recipe that you can now add to your recipes list and bon apetit. *

Nutrition: Italian Goulash from For the Love of Cooking
Ingredients: Olive oil, lean ground beef, sweet yellow onion, baby bell peppers, sweet yellow pepperr, cremini mushrooms, garlic, salt, crack pepper, Marinara, macaroni, basil, asiago.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings *Per Serving: Calories 752, Calories from Fat 131, Total Fat 14.6g 22%, Saturated Fat 4.3g 22%, Cholesterol 105mg 35%, Sodium 826mg 34%, Potassium 1742mg 50%, Carbohydrates 100.0g 33%, Dietary Fiber 10.6g 42%, Sugars 24.5g, Protein 51.6g, Vitamin A 90%, Vitamin C 264%, Calcium 9%, Iron 146%

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