Italian Herb Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

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We tend not to make entire roasts of beef, pork or chicken any more, as much because we have smaller families as for the time and energy it can take to put one together. Still, a roasted piece of meat has unique flavors that make it an interesting meal for the family. Here, Italian Herb Roasted Chicken and Potatoes comes close to a roasted whole bird, bringing in that roasted flavor, but using chicken pieces rather than an entire bird. If you are feeling ambitious, you could use the same steps to produce a whole chicken rather than the pieces. Still the pieces are easier to handle and quicker to bake.

Here, the pieces of chicken are loaded in to a good roasting dish and drizzled with some olive oil then baked. The veggies are where the herbs come in. They are put in to a second baking dish with the herbs such as rosemary and baked. You could also bake the veggies until they are about 15 or 20 minutes in, and then add the chicken, if your dish will hold all the ingredients. That way, the chicken gets roasted in with the lovely herbs that this recipe calls for. As well both chicken and veggies get the advantage of the olive oil and the chicken juice. In any event, the herbs will taste fantastic. Do not leave out even a single one of them for best flavor from this great baked dinner.

This recipe offers an easy way to enjoy roasted chicken, using either chicken breast or thighs (or a combination of both). Served with potatoes and carrots cooked in a number of herbs will make this a scented and flavorful dish that every one will enjoy. Try it soon!

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