It's SOOO gross under my fridge....but this is an EASY way to clean this difficult spot ...

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Have you ever gotten a glimpse of the area underneath your fridge? It can be quite the nightmare under there, but it seems so impossible to clean. When you're just vacuuming your floor, the attachments neve quite get under the fridge and they aren't able to suck all of the dust out from under the fridge from a distance, unless they were really powerful. You can try to get your hand under there, but even that only reaches part way under the fridge too. The brooms and mops are also sometimes too large to fit under the fridge, so what do you do? Moral Rich Media, from YouTube shows us some of his simple life hacks and cleaning tips for getting under your fridge to clean out all of that nasty dust and dirt. All you need is your vacuum, the same vacuum you use for everything else in your home. Then, you'll also need a handy fridge cleaning brush that you can pick up from the hardware store. It's a very large wire brush with lots of bristles on it to collect all of the dust easily. Plus, this tool is nice and long and comes on a wooden stick, but it's also just the right size for fitting under the fridge.

Your vacuum should also have an angled attachment that may fit under your fridge too, and you can also pick one of these up at the same store you got your vacuum at or at a vacuum supply store. Before you start cleaning under your fridge, you're going to take off the grill if your fridge has one at the bottom. You can easily do this by opening the doors first, then you should just be able to give it a little pull and it should come loose and come right off of the fridge. You should also give the grill a good cleaning too, which you can do in your kitchen sink with some water and dish soap. When you look under your fridge you'll see what a dusty mess it is under there, especially if it has never been done before. So this is when you can take your handy cleaning brush and start to collect all of the dust with it. Just collect as much as you can. This will clean the coils under the fridge and bring it forward to be vacuumed up.

You'll see just how much of the dust from the coils ends up stuck on the brush too, so you'll want to vacuum that off right away and you can also rinse off the brush with some water as well. Then, take the angled nozzle of your vacuum and get in there with the vacuum to suck up the dust. If you have a good vacuum, you'll be able to get pretty much all of it so just keep going until it's pretty much all gone. Once you're done collecting all of the dust from the coils, grab the front grill part of the fridge and make sure it's dry. When it's completely dry, just attach it back onto the front of the fridge as it was before and you're all done. This cleaning tip should be done at least once a year to keep your fridge running effectively. You can also learn how to clean the coils on the back of your fridge too so your entire fridge is super clean. Enjoy this and other cleaning tips and simple life hacks from MoralRichMedia's channel on YouTube. Be sure to share these great cleaning tips with your family and friends too.***

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