Jam Thimble Buns and Tea Cakes

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What could be better to prepare when you are expecting friends to come by than Jam Thimble Buns and Tea Cakes for an afternoon of friendship and gossip? Here, both snack foods are made from one easy recipe. And, although the web site creator and blogger, Melissa, suggests that you could make these using frozen dough, consider making these little snacks from scratch. It requires only a little more effort and the results are much superior to any thing you could get from frozen dough. Make them on a day when you are planning to spend it at home any way, so the rising and kneading can be a pleasant way to while away the time rather than having to rush to get the task done. And the smell of fresh baking breads can never be beaten by any thing bought from your grocery store.

These little buns are easy to make. They are simply an enriched bread that you fill with jam in one instance and brush with a sugar and rum solution and bake in the other. So you can offer your friends two times the treats with only one recipe. And with today’s yeasts and flours you can expect great results from this recipe. The recipe recommends that you do not use margarine for this bread. That is a good idea. Margarine is quite a different composition from butter, and behaves differently when it is baked. As well, margarine simply cannot compete with butter for flavor. So be sure to use butter when you make this bread. As well, the butter makes the bread much sweeter, and that flavor complements the jam and sweet role that these breads are intended to play on your dinner table.

These rolls are not too difficult for more mature amateur bakers, if you work with them to produce the sweets. And they may really enjoy preparing some thing as unique and special as these tea cakes and breads. Enjoy some soon.

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