Just Like Dairy Queens Buster Bars in a Cake Pan

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These treats taste Just Like Dairy Queens Buster Bars in a Cake Pan, so make plenty because every kid on the street is going to be lining up for his or her share of this scrumpdillyicious sweet. In fact, it is even better because you bring your time, talents, and caring to this dish along with real ingredients that just make everything taste better.

This dish will take several hours to set, so if you want to serve it in the afternoon when the sun’s rays start to beat down in earnest, be sure to start this recipe in the morning. The photos and instructions on the website make it clear and easy to pull together. There are three layers to this recipe including a terrific Oreo layer that little hands might be able to assist in creating, a middle of ice cream and then the buster bar top of peanuts and chocolate and oh, so many more deelish things. The peanuts are a great addition because of their ability to slow absorption of simple sugars through the digestion process. This may help to ease the sugar spike that snacks this rich tend to produce. Otherwise, be sure everyone has had a good lunch before serving up small amounts of this sweet treat.

This is a recipe that the kids can even help to create once you prepare the various layers for them. Then they can sprinkle, smooth and spread the layers and help to make this treat for themselves. Try these out on a hot day when something rich and creamy is just the ticket for your kids and family (oh—and the many friends who will unexpectedly, undoubtedly, drop by when they hear what you are making today). Enjoy!

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