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You will love these natural health remedies and 12 Great Tricks to Keep Bugs Away. Have you ever noticed that your natural herb garden never seems to have any bugs in it? That's because bugs don't like the smell that is associated with herbs. That is what these natural health remedies and herb remedies for 12 tricks to keep bugs away will show you. Many of the natural home remedies and tricks are accomplished by burning herbs or using them with other natural products you may already have around the house. And the nice thing is there are no toxic chemicals that you need to worry about having the kids or pets. Using herb remedies and natural cures ensure no one will be allergic or sensitive to when you leave these natural home remedies around your home and property.

One of the natural home remedies to keep bugs away is cinnamon. This natural home remedies is one of the best herbs to keep bugs away, and it smells great too. Cinnamon is a natural home remedies that ants don't like, so the next time you see a line making its way into your house just sprinkle some of this natural home remedies along the route. Soon you will see the ants leaving and finding somewhere else to live. In some parts of the world cinnamon oil are home remedies and natural cures used to treat head lice, bed bugs, dust mites and roaches. It is thought that the natural home remedies using cinnamon may also kill mosquito larvae and not just repel it. Rosemary is another of the natural home remedies that can help keep bugs away while also being used to flavor your roasts and chicken recipes. When you use this natural home remedies you can burn rosemary on the barbecue or outside when you have a fire; it discourages bugs from hanging around.

Basil is another of the natural home remedies that are said to drive away the flies. Apparently flies don't like the smell of basil. Basil can very easily be grown in a jar or small gardening pot you may have around the house. You can grow this natural home remedies on the windowsill and doorways to discourage flies from coming into your home. Mint is another natural home remedies that bugs do not like, especially moths. If you chop some mint up and put it where you have mice, it will also drive them off too. Some species of mint can sometimes become invasive and gardeners recommend that you plant mint in an area where it can be allowed to spread freely or contained. You also want to plant this herb remedies near gardens to ward off pesky insects and attract beneficial ones. Keep them in pots so they don't invade your entire garden. The great thing about these natural home remedies is that they are cost effective and can probably be made from things you have around your home already. And there's another bonus in that these natural home remedies smell nice too. Using natural home remedies to keep the bugs away ensure that what you are using is safe for both your family and the environment.

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