Keep Guacamole from Turning Brown

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Avocados, and consequently, guacamole is a staple in my house. More likely than not, when you open my fridge, there is a great, big, sealed Pyrex dish full of it on the top shelf ready to be dipped into by and put on everything. The only problem we guacamole lovers have with our beloved dip/spread: how to keep guacamole from turning brown.

Better yet, why does guacamole (among other things) turn brown? If you want to get all nerdy about it, its because of an enzyme known as polyphenol oxidase. In the cells of fresh fruit, we have the chemical catechol. Cachetol reacts with oxygen, which the guacamole is exposed to after opening, to produce oxygenated benzoquinone, which is toxic to bacteria. If you are still with me, I appreciate it. This process is actually beneficial to the longevity of your guacamole because it ultimately helps to protect it from premature spoiling. However, the unfortunate side effect of this chemical reaction is that the oxygenated benzoquinone likes to bind and create long chains of itself, which changes the colour of our guacamole from a proud, brilliant green, to an unimpressive, distasteful brown.

Fear not, Jessica at Mom4Real is here to save the day. You've heard of lemon juice, you've heard of hermetically sealing it with plastic wrap. Both of these fall short. Well, you are going to amazing at the simple technique Jessica has discovered to keep that guacomole fresh! Dont get me wrong, brown guac, is still guac and I will shovel it into my face all the same, but its nice to know that I can rely on aesthetically appealing guacamole for more than a single day when I make the stuff now.

You are no doubt wondering what the secret is to Jessicas lime method. Please just visit the Mom for Reals website by following the link at the bottom of this article and be amazed.

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