Keep the Cold Out with Homemade Thermal Curtains

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Now that the winter season is here, it’s all about warding off the cold and staying warm. In our efforts to stay warm, we all depend on the thermostat heat at home. Unfortunately, we also have to pay an enormous price as a result regarding our heating bill. Take a moment and think what if there are simple life hacks that could help you save money and stay warm at the same time? Luckily, there are a few effective and useful tips for life that will help you conserve the heat at home and save up on that heating bill.You’ll be surprised to know how much of heat escapes through the windows in your house especially if it’s an older home that has single-paned windows. Some newer homes with double-paned insulated windows also face this problem. The website Sustainablog shows a creative and resourceful tutorial that will help you build your own inexpensive thermal curtains to keep the insulation around your windows and save the heating costs as a result.

Thermal curtains save energy in a more efficient way and add insulation against the cold draft around your windows. They also save energy costs in your home in the long run during the winter season. You can easily make them with eco-friendly building materials that are reusable. All you need is some old blankets or comforters and have a sewing machine handy or if you know someone who can sew for you. You could roll these thermal curtains down on cold winter nights, or even during a hot summer day to block the sun’s rays. You can find old comforters at your local thrift store anywhere between $5 and 10.

The trick is to double the comforters to increase the insulation and add weight to keep your curtains pressed tightly against the wall. You could also put bubble wrap inside it as added insulation barrier with the aluminum casing on it that work better for insulating. Alternately, you could also use a survival blanket as they have a 90% heat reflecting ability and will make a huge difference regarding keeping the windows insulated. To prevent the insulation from escaping, always make sure to seal the edges, especially the top and bottom, or else you could be taking a big chance by letting a steady flow of refrigerant slide down the glass. Since heat rises, it's important to keep in mind to fill the gap at the top where it hangs. This way you will not lose the heat and seal it in a way where you could optimize on the heat in a big way. Velcro is great for sealing on all sides if required.

Thermal curtains are a thick and heavy buffer and can significantly decrease the money you spend on energy to heat your house. Thanks to the website Sustainablog for sharing this excellent heat-proofing tutorial. Do check out their website for several other simple life hacks that will greatly cut your costs in a more meaningful way.

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