Kentucky Brownie BOMB Bars

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Did you ever wonder what would happen if you layer different textures to your regular brownie recipe? This Kentucky Brownie BOMB Bars recipe is to make with a fudgy, rich texture every chocolate lover will want to dive in. These easy brownies are loaded with other wonderful ingredients like marshmallow fluff, peanut butter etc. to create three decadent layers of brownie goodness. You’re going to bite into textures and flavors that you may have probably never eaten in a brownie before. You’’ be addicted to them. These easy brownies are so indulgent even if you just eat them on their own, or you could also top them with a mini scoop of vanilla ice cream. You can make a batch of these easy brownies and store them sealed in an airtight jar for several days.

Even though this recipe uses a box of brownie mix as a base layer, you cannot tell because of how the whole recipe is doctored up. While it is alright to use readymade brownie mix in moderation, it is preferred if you make brownies from scratch using real ingredients as opposed to the ones that have too many preservatives in them. You can also replace a cake mix like devils chocolate cake or triple chocolate cake mix as well. Since this recipe has three different layers, it is important to make sure to spread the layers evenly stacked one on top of the other so that you can taste all the flavors with every luscious bite. If you want a good crunch, you can add nuts like pecans or walnuts on top of the brownies. Nuts always give brownies a more luxurious taste experience. You could also add Skor toffee or butterscotch chips, caramel sauce or sweetened coconut flakes on top.

To bake brownies to the right texture always make sure to adjust the oven temperature. Different oven types need re-adjustment sometimes, for instance, they tend to bake about 10 to 15 degrees hotter or cooler. You may want to invest in a good quality oven thermometer for this purpose. If you overbake your brownies at an inaccurate temperature, there is a good chance of them tending to harden up as they cool down. Making easy brownies sounds easy, but it is also a matter of practice. For a moist and chewy texture in brownies, always add an extra egg or two. When the brownies are done baking, you will notice the sides of the brownie batter shrinking away from the pan. If not, you might have a bake a bit longer. When the brownies are still hot, the centre usually tends to jiggle a bit but will harden up once cooled. The toothpick when inserted usually comes out with a few crumbs sticking to it which is perfect for a brownie. If the toothpick comes out clean, then that means the brownies have been over baked and might harden up. So maintaining the accuracy for baking time is a must for brownies.

When it comes to simple dessert recipes, perhaps there is nothing better than a mouthful of fudgy brownie. This easy brownie recipe will become your new favorite dessert because it is a fool-proof recipe that doesn’t involve a whole lot of steps in the process. Thank you to Lisa at the Incredible Recipes From Heaven food blog for sharing this Kentucky Brownie BOMB Bars recipe with us. Do check out Lisa’s blog for more sweet and savory recipes. This Bombshell Oreo Brownies recipe is exceptionally tasty and rich variation amongst many other brownie recipes. Make them for your friends and family today!

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