Key Lime Pie with Coconut Macaroon Crust

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Key lime pie with coconut macaroon crust combines the sharp and tangy flavor of lime with the sultry and smooth taste of coconut. This creates a flavor combination that you and your family will love, and that tastes great as a dessert on hot summer days. This dessert is quick and easy to make and little hands can help along the way so everyone can get involved in making this delicious treat for dinner tonight.

Coconut is a real wonder food, or at least some people believe. There is also a lot of controversy surrounding the food. We do know that the little nut has plenty of uses. It is a food made from the milk and flesh found on the inside of the nut. As well, the outer skin can be used to make rope and dishes. Even the leaves get in on the useful of this plant as they are often used to make clothing. There is little about this plant that cannot be put to good use. And its flavor is smooth with a bit of depth to it that makes it a great complement to sharper flavors like citrus.

That is what this recipe does, combining the coconut in the crust and then creating a filling of lime. The recipe remarks that this dish is quite sweet. To decrease the sweetness, you can use non-sweetened coconut in the base. For the filling, use fresh squeezed lime juice or organic lime juice, which is also likely to be fresher than the supermarket variety. That will also lower the sweetness of the dish. Finally, of course, you can serve slices of lime for people to eat as they eat the pie. That will make a great complement and a pretty topping for this key lime pie with coconut macaroon crust.

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