Kicken Chicken Marinade

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'Kickin' Chicken Marinade'! What a great name for a recipe! Do you have an event coming up soon that includes the outdoors and cooking on the grill? For those of us that have gone through the winter, lets face it the grills are being dusted off on the outside, scraped off on the inside and being fired up for another season of great bbq meals.

When you are cooking on the grill a great part of the success in the flavor often comes from marinating the food first. Preparing a tasty marinade and soaking the chicken or meat should pretty much assure you that you are going to come up with a tasty main course item that is bound to please the crowd. This recipe uses some hot sauce, olive oil, fresh lime juice and fresh garlic. You will discover the method shortly. Although this recipe is meant for the grill, the marinated chicken could also be baked, or done on the stovetop if you do not have a grill. The infused flavors are going to make the chicken delicious with whatever cooking method you end up doing.

We do family meals during the summer season once a week. Everyone gets assigned what they will be contributing, and we alternate back yards for these events. Our family just loves to bring out the guitars and do sing-a-longs. Music and food seem to go hand-in-hand at our homes. It goes back decades! I guess you do what you grow up with. Both grandfathers played musical instruments. One played the fiddle; the other played the accordion and the little ones in the family would jump and dance around as long as the grampas would keep the music flowing! Do you have something your family tends to do when they get together? We also just love Pictionary! We have a large chalkboard we bring out and let the laughter begin as we draw and guess and have such fun.

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