Kielbasa and Potatoes AKA Paprikash Krumply

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Many Hungarian recipes include paprika spice and this smoky spice adds that certain je ne sais quoi to the equation that gives that hearty down home flavor many of us enjoy as part of our eating experience.

Hungarian recipes that many of us know and have enjoyed are usually limited to the goulash varieties that incorporate noodles as well as potatoes. Janet’s recipe brings kielbasa, also know as sausage, into the mix and takes the noodles out while keeping the hearty goodness of potatoes in. Polish sausage recipes are varied and many. This delicious meat in a tube can be enjoyed in many different recipes and adds to your variety of choices on what to cook. Janet basically gives you the option of taking leftover potatoes, or fresh cooked, and mixing them with sausage and paprika to give you a meal that is both filling and delicious.

Kielbasa or sausage is brought to us from Poland. The word itself is a polish word that we have taken and used without translating it to English. Sausage is one way that we have also come to call these wonders of pork, beef, lamb, chicken and many other types of meat. Depending on the region in Poland you can find a wide varieties of meats that come to be known as kielbasa. Sausage or kielbasa is a staple of Polish cooking and it has been brought to North America and around the world with the immigrants who moved across the ocean and into different parts of Europe. Hungarian recipes are also known to incorporate kielbasa and along with the wonderful flexibility this meat in a blanket provides the ingredients in the kielbasa also varies from region to region and gives your recipes more options.

Kielbasa recipes are varied in the fact that they can be included with pasta, rice, and onions and like this particular one with potatoes. Rustic recipes like this Kielbasa and Potatoes AKA paprikash krumply give the cook many options in regard to what to add to the dish beside what is called for. One example could be the addition of sweetness to go with the smoky taste of paprika. This can be in the form of maple syrup that also goes well with potatoes to the exotic addition of mango that goes great with savory meats as well. Again recipes are guidelines and everyone has a different palate and that being said substituting and adding your own touch can make any recipe your own.

The next time you are in the market go get yourself a wonderful smoked sausage and give Janet’s recipe a try and you might have a another quick fix when the family is hungry and you don’t have much time to prepare a meal. This recipe can be made in less than 45 minutes and is a hearty meal. Thanks to Janet of Janet’s Appalachian Kitchen for her Kielbasa and Potatoes AKA Paprikash Krumply recipe that is a take on a polish sausage recipe that adds paprika spice to the equation. Bon apetit.**

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