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It's true; a bed bug infestation is no fun at all. While these pests are pretty harmless to our health since they don't carry and pass on diseases they do leave us with bites and a feeling of discomfort. They tend to get into our homes on our clothing or in our luggage when we've travelled or stayed somewhere that has a bed bug infestation. They find a home in your mattress, other furniture and even in your baseboards, and then they hide out all day just to come out and feast on our blood at night while we sleep. They also reproduce very quickly, which is why it's crucial to be on top of any bed bug infestation and get it under control right away. One female bed bug can lay thousands of eggs in her lifetime, and those eggs can also last up to a year without developing into the insects. So it's important also to get rid of all of the eggs as well, so they don't develop into the bed bugs. Even if you find only one bed bug, where there's one there's always more. So keep looking in the little crevices of your mattress and furniture and also in your baseboards and carpets.

While bed bugs have been around for a very long time, the bed bug epidemic didn't start until the 90s. With travel becoming more popular over the last couple of decades, bed bugs have been spread all over the world. They can even be found in some of the nicest hotels since they don't prefer a certain type of environment. The best thing you can do is prevent bringing bed bugs home with you, so always check hostels and hotels before you settle in. With this bed bug epidemic, the bed bugs have developed a tolerance for certain pesticides, especially commercial grade ones. So if you have bed bugs and you're thinking of calling the exterminators, you might want to just try bed bug removal yourself using natural ingredients. One of the very best natural remedies for bed bug removal is diatomaceous earth which is a form of clay that is rich with silica. It's a very potent microscopic-algae that can be found in places like British Columbia, Canada. The Diatomaceous earth that's from that region is from the Miocene age and contain diatoms called Melosira granulata which are about 12 to 13 million years old.

When you use diatomaceous earth as a bed bug removal antidote, you don't have to bring toxic chemical sprays into your home. This powder is organic and all natural, in fact, humans can even ingest it in water and receive many health benefits. It's also sometimes used in cat litter, so it's safe for pets as well. The powder is very potent and will kill adult bed bugs as well as the eggs in hours. All you need is one cup of diatomaceous earth and a steamer. You can buy diatomaceous earth at your local health food store, or you can also order it online. All you need to do is sprinkle some of the powder in the areas where you've found bed bugs. Then, allow the powder to sit on the areas for a few hours to work its magic. The diatomaceous earth will dry up the bugs from the inside out, and they will fall out of their hiding spots. Next, you'll want to vacuum up all of the powder and dead bugs and then steam your mattress to disinfect it. If you can't find diatomaceous earth anywhere, you can also try this with baking soda as it works in a similar way to kill the bugs.***

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