Killer Artichoke Bread

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This recipe for Killer Artichoke Bread uses a lovely recipe for artichoke dip and puts it on the bread instead. It is a great way to conveniently serve a bread with dip without having to bother with the bowls and plates and whatnot when you serve dip separately from the chips or bread. This is a great way to introduce people to artichokes, too, who may not have had this vegetable before.

The artichoke is a member of the thistle family, and originates in the Mediterranean. The part you eat is the bud of the flower. The bud is picked before the flower opens, and that is the part that you eat. As you can imagine, the plant that sports such a large bud is a big one, and the flowers that bloom are also magnificent. Artichokes are low in calories and fat, but offer plenty of good nutrition. They are high in fiber, help lower cholesterol, contain anti-oxidants that support good health, and also contain vitamins C, K, E, A, and many others. Artichokes also contain minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium to name just a few of the many minerals this vegetable contains. This vegetable tastes great, and can be lightly boiled or steamed and served with sauces to dip the individual leaves in. If your family has not had fresh artichokes, do try them. They are fun to prepare, and totally fun to eat. They make a great snack, and a dip as simple as melted salted butter is perfect with them.

This recipe uses pre-prepared artichokes, which saves lots of time in preparing this bread. Try it whenever you feel like making a snack or serving bread with filling as part of a meal. This bread would be great with any meat, chicken, or fish recipe.

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