Korean Kalbi Baby Back Ribs

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If you are a fan of Korean BBQ food, you will absolutely love this recipe for Korean Kalbi Baby Back Ribs! This recipe is so very easy to make, and no, you don't need a traditional charcoal grill to cook them or modify your table into one that looks like it came out of a Korean restaurant. This recipe uses your oven thank goodness, so you don't need anything fancy to cook these ribs at all. The author, Jaden, from Steamy Kitchen says that her and her family love Korean BBQ, but the only decent place is over an hour away... So she decided to create her own recipe that they could make at home, and enjoy as many beer and soju, which is an alcoholic rice drink, kind of like Japanese sake.

The recipe is very easy to make, you just need to find some good, baby back ribs, and then you bake them in the oven before you slather them with the sweet and savoury sauce that she shows you how to make. But beware, these ribs make quite a mess in the oven, so as Jaden warns us, make sure you cook them in a roasting pan with tinfoil around them to keep all of the fatty juices from splattering all over your oven, which actually happened to her the first time she made these, and although the ribs were a hit, the mess in the oven wasn't much fun to clean up after dinner was over!

There is also a great video showing you how to make these awesome ribs, step by step, which is great for more visual people who want to watch some one else make them first. She takes you through every step, and tells you how to get the best results, every time! Try out this recipe soon! Head over to 'Steamy Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for more!

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