Kung Pao Chicken

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Ever enjoyed some Kung Pao Chicken from your favorite Asian restaurant or from the frozen section of your grocery store and wondered if you could make it yourself and make it even better? Well, now you can. Check out this Kung Pao Chicken recipe by Mary from her food blog Bare Feet In The Kitchen. If the picture of this recipe doesn’t have you salivating, we don’t know what will. Mary takes all the photos of her food herself.

Making this chicken recipe from scratch means you get to control how much salt and fat is in the dish, unlike when you order this at a restaurant. In this Kung Pao chicken recipe, you make the seasoning yourself so you can save yourself from any of the artificial flavors and preservatives that you would get if you bought this pre-made from the grocery store. The recipe calls for soy sauce, which provides some salt and a nice deep flavor to this dish. The recipe also calls for balsamic vinegar, which enhances the flavor without contributing a bunch of salt. Your family or guests will feel like they are eating in a fancy restaurant when you serve them this Asian chicken recipe.

As Mary notes in her blog, this Kung Pao chicken recipe is a bit spicy. However, if you don’t like it too hot, just add less of the red chilies and be super careful to keep the seeds out. The chicken in this recipe is boneless and skinless, which makes it easier to slice the meat and keeps the fat and calorie levels down a bit. This recipe provides a lot of high-quality protein from the chicken and the peanuts. Animal protein, like from chicken, is called high-quality because it contains all the amino acids that humans need. Protein is essentially strings of amino acids that your body needs to stay healthy and build and repair its tissues.

This is a pretty quick recipe to cook overall. The chicken does marinade for 30 minutes but this is worth it. While it is marinating you can be getting everything else ready to go. Marinating will enhance the flavor as it gets right into the meat. This allows you to use less salt and seasoning for the same great taste.

You can serve this over rice or noodles, whatever you prefer. Add a side of your favorite veggies or try her roasted green beans or roasted carrot recipes from her blog, wash it down with a sparkling lemonade to cut any heat from the Kung Pao recipe and you have a balanced, fun, flavorful and healthy meal. This Kung Pao Chicken recipe would make a lovely meal any night of the week.

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