Lasagna Soup

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Lasagna Soup. Do we need to say more? Have visions of cheesy, yummy, tomato-ey, Italian-y ingredients, tastes and textures started to make your mouth water? Because they should. This soup, a stew, really, is full of all the good things you associate with that wonderful lasagna dish blended in to a soup that also includes more veggies. So this lasagna soup will be very filling and a real comfort dish to serve on Friday nights, Sunday afternoons or whenever you watch, whatever your favorite game is, on the television. This lasagna soup should be in every lap!

This dish suggests that the anise is an option to the recipe. Do not leave the anise out. Anise has a slightly licorice flavor, if you have not had it before, that is fabulous in Italian dishes, and that really marks the baker or cook as a bit of a culinary expert when these special herbs and spices form part of the recipe. So be sure to include this with the soup. The recipe calls for onion and garlic powder, but you could just use fresh in both cases. To use garlic, and to maximize its nutritional properties, crush the garlic and let it sit for at least one minute before adding it to anything hot or made with lemon or vinegar. This allows the chemicals that are so good for your health to begin to activate. Onion is a member of the same family, the Allium family, as garlic, and offers many of the same nutritional qualities. Powdered forms of foods rarely contain the same nutritional properties as the real deal, so when you can, use the real thing—and here it is easy to do.

Lasagna soup is just a way to serve lasagna in a form that offers a nice change to the usual noodle based dish. It is chock full of wonderful ingredients that make this soup rich, filling and delicious.

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